I’m Going Vegan?!? 

Hi!!!! I missed you guys so much! You have no idea how hard it was to go 5 days without WiFi! 😂I only had like, 5 minutes of internet at a Starbucks in San Francisco!🙈I’ll tell you more about that later😉.  Anyways.., my trip was pretty awesome! I went camping in the Henry Cowell Redwoods Forest. It’s up North near San Francisco. If you live in California, I definitely recommend it! It’s so cool! I even rode a train to the Santa Cruz boardwalk!

Lol, I rode up and down the streets of San Francisco hanging off the side of a trolley!😝But, I’ll write a whole post about my trip. And I’ll be sure to include pictures. So, I have an announcement. 
I’m thinking about going vegan ! Crazy right?

Well, I’m lactose-intolerant, so I naturally have to stay away from milk. Do I do that? no. I know, I know, that sounds pretty stupid. I try really hard to not have milk, but it’s sooooooo difficult! But, I don’t actually have real milk in my cereal and baking/cooking. I use almond milk instead! It’s suuuuuuper good! The only problem is that I eat things that contains milk, like a Hershey’s bar. It’s gluten free but not dairy free.🙄 Yeah. I’m a #rebel.😂 Let’s move on…

I also want to start eating clean. Eating clean is basically trying to minimize the amount of processed foods that you consume. And junk food.😵 Yeah that’s crazy. But, I’ll try it! I’ll also be logging my journey on my other blog. CLICK ME!

And, I don’t really eat red meat or pork a lot so,  it would be a bit easier for me to transiton from carnivore to vegan. 🦋

Ugh, I’m so tired… btw, I’m writing this while I’m squished in between my two brothers in the car.🙄🐹By the time you read this, I’ll be home. Probably. There’s a huge traffic jam right now. 🙉

I’ll write another post tommorow!

xoxo- Brooke Jade💕😇


47 thoughts on “I’m Going Vegan?!? 

  1. Go you! As you know, I’m doing kinda the same thing (however I still eat meat sometimes, fish, honey etc so I’m not 100% Vegan) and it has SO many benefits! It’s not easy but it’s not hard, I wish you luck if you go ahead with it!

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        1. I felt sooooo much better when I only ate fruits, veggies, and nuts!! I had a lot of energy!! I’ll be sure to check out your blog posts!😉😂

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  2. I tried going vegan some time back, but I have zero self control😂 So ehh… back to eating chocolate and meat… lol. Anyways, good luck I guess! Tell me how it went! (Btw, I am new to wordpress, so I just saw your blog and it’s awesome)

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  3. I’ve went around 5 days of no wifi too recently. It was hard but I just focused on taking pics😉 I don’t think I could go vegan. I mean almost EVERYTHING has milk in it. But I don’t eat: Pork (pork is almost in every thing as well, even marshmallows!), shrimp, gluten (sometimes I rebel😄), shellfish (which means I can’t eat a lot of Chinese food), certain types of fish, crab, lobster, octopus, other animals (like alligator, scorpion, ya know like animals bugs you just don’t eat unless people dare you), and that’s all I can think of off the top of my head but I’m sure there’s more🙂

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    1. I also don’t eat GMO food. Like look on M&Ms bag or a Lay’s potato chip bag it say right on the back “Produced with genetic engineering”. Crazy right?!

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  4. Hey Brooke Jade, you should definitely try!

    I spent 40 days vegan, then bounced back to eating all kinds of junk again. What I loved the most from this experience was how I learned how to cook better and the new flavors I discovered. You wouldn’t believe how good you can eat while still eating healthy and cruelty-free. Leave us updates about how it’s going with you. I’m switching back to veganism once again, and this time I hope it’s for good.=)

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  5. Honestly, it’s easier than you think! Since you don’t eat much meat as it is, you’re even already half way there. I have never felt better since going vegan, and since you’re allergic to dairy, it’s going to make you feel even better. Trust me, I’ve been there!

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    1. Really? Wow that’s awesome that it makes you feel better!! It’s definitely something that I want to look into even more!! What other her benefits and changes in your body have you noticed?😋


  6. There are son many. In the first couple of weeks you might notice a few small negative changes, such as bloating, but this is only your body getting used to its new diet. Once you pass that though you will feel amazing. You’re less bloated, your skin gets better, you can lean down, you have way more energy. Honestly it’s the best thing I have ever done for my body. let me know how you’re finding it 🙂


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