welcome back

hi, i’m brooke. the brains behind this blog. you’re probably wondering what this post is about and why i haven’t posted in a million years. welllllll, i don’t have an answer to be honest. it’s not like i’ve been super busy or brewing up a bunch of different ideas. i just forgot about this blog i guess? oops.

but i have a few announcements.

let’s get started.

  • i’m going to post once a week
  • i changed the blog design (so get out of the reader and go check it out)
  • i’m starting tenth grade in 4 days
  • my birthday is in a month (lol irrelevant, i know)
  • this isn’t an announcement but i hit 865 followers! 🙂

soooo yeah! those are my announcements. i have so many post ideas for this blog and i’m excited to start my sophomore year of high school off with this blog! continuing on with tradition, i’ll post about my first day of school and let you guys know what to expect. click HERE to check out my first day as a 9th grader!

i hope you guys have a great day! expect a post from me on thursday. i am so happy to be blogging again.




18 thoughts on “welcome back

  1. i haven’t posted in a million years either! i’m rose and my blog is new(ish), so if you have a minute i would love if you checked it out and maybe tell me what you think? thank you

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  2. I had wondered where you were… I’m glad you’re back! Btw, I’m pretty sure I’m still following Blue Birds of a Feather, but I’m curious, is it still in action?

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