current favorites

hey! what’s up? today i’m going to be sharing my current favorites. let’s get started.


ooh this is one i’m super excited about. over the past few weeks, i’ve discovered a ton of unique and awesome artists. here are some of my favorite songs from them.

Lo Que Siento- Cuco

Lover Is A Day- Cuco

CR-V- Cuco

Pretty Girl- Clairo

Flaming Hot Cheetos- Clairo

Chanel- Frank Ocean

Everytime- Boy Pablo

Dance, Baby!- Boy Pablo

Best Friend- Rex Orange County

Losin Control- Russ

1950- King Princess

for more of my music favs, head over to my spotify @itsbrookejade


okay so i’ve sort of been keeping a secret from you….




i’m pescetarian!!! i’ve been pescetarian for exactly a month and a half now. it’s awesome. i won’t go too much into detail, that’ll be in a later post, but yeah. i love it!


i’ve really liked a couple products this month and am excited to share them with you!

41025_2.png the colors are so cute and it smells just like peaches!



i love this gloss so much! it’s clear and adds the perfect sheen to any makeup look.

this mascara is really good and i’d 10/10 recommend it!

that’s about it for this post. i’ll make a post soon about my journey with pescitarianism!



3 thoughts on “current favorites

  1. I always love reading these posts so much! I actually went pescetarian pretty recently too and I’ve also been loving it 🙂 I love the elf mascara too, that was the first mascara that I ever used and it’s so cheap but works so well


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