hi. it’s been a really freaking long time. like a billion years at least. sorry ?

i’ll be using this post as a way to reintroduce myself/share my favorites of these last couple of months since i posted.

let’s go!!



here are some recent pics

*plz don’t steal these πŸ™‚
the next few are going to be of


so as many of you may know, i’m gluten free. but

since the last time i posted, i went vegan. crazy,

right? it’s been such a fun journey so far and i’m

excited to see where it goes.


i have found SO MUCH good music these past couple of months. but i’m too lazy to share it all here, so i’ll leave my spotify username instead


in addition, i acquired a record player this christmas. luckily, a new vinyl shop opened up in my town. i went after school on friday and picked up a really cool record. there was also a beatles one there but it cost 135$!!!


youtube has been my best friend these last couple of months πŸ˜‚. the amount of vegan youtubers i’ve watched is insane. here are some of my favs

  • the aaron family
  • supreme banana
  • the fairly local vegan
  • pippin jardine
  • rachel ama
  • caitlyn shoemaker
  • isla brewer
  • kate flowers
  • kristen leo
  • emma johansson
  • earthling sasha
  • ashley wicka


i also got some new makeup/ skincare items these last few months. i’ll start off with one of the more exciting ones

the james charles pallete & morphe 35 m palette. they’re the gems of my makeup collection right now :).

i also got a rose water face spray that is DIVINE.

along with that, i picked up some lip glosses from morphe.

  • i hope you guys enjoyed this post!!
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