hi. it’s been a really freaking long time. like a billion years at least. sorry ?

i’ll be using this post as a way to reintroduce myself/share my favorites of these last couple of months since i posted.

let’s go!!



here are some recent pics

*plz don’t steal these 🙂
the next few are going to be of


so as many of you may know, i’m gluten free. but

since the last time i posted, i went vegan. crazy,

right? it’s been such a fun journey so far and i’m

excited to see where it goes.


i have found SO MUCH good music these past couple of months. but i’m too lazy to share it all here, so i’ll leave my spotify username instead


in addition, i acquired a record player this christmas. luckily, a new vinyl shop opened up in my town. i went after school on friday and picked up a really cool record. there was also a beatles one there but it cost 135$!!!


youtube has been my best friend these last couple of months 😂. the amount of vegan youtubers i’ve watched is insane. here are some of my favs

  • the aaron family
  • supreme banana
  • the fairly local vegan
  • pippin jardine
  • rachel ama
  • caitlyn shoemaker
  • isla brewer
  • kate flowers
  • kristen leo
  • emma johansson
  • earthling sasha
  • ashley wicka


i also got some new makeup/ skincare items these last few months. i’ll start off with one of the more exciting ones

the james charles pallete & morphe 35 m palette. they’re the gems of my makeup collection right now :).

i also got a rose water face spray that is DIVINE.

along with that, i picked up some lip glosses from morphe.

  • i hope you guys enjoyed this post!!
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    current favorites

    hey! what’s up? today i’m going to be sharing my current favorites. let’s get started.


    ooh this is one i’m super excited about. over the past few weeks, i’ve discovered a ton of unique and awesome artists. here are some of my favorite songs from them.

    Lo Que Siento- Cuco

    Lover Is A Day- Cuco

    CR-V- Cuco

    Pretty Girl- Clairo

    Flaming Hot Cheetos- Clairo

    Chanel- Frank Ocean

    Everytime- Boy Pablo

    Dance, Baby!- Boy Pablo

    Best Friend- Rex Orange County

    Losin Control- Russ

    1950- King Princess

    for more of my music favs, head over to my spotify @itsbrookejade


    okay so i’ve sort of been keeping a secret from you….




    i’m pescetarian!!! i’ve been pescetarian for exactly a month and a half now. it’s awesome. i won’t go too much into detail, that’ll be in a later post, but yeah. i love it!


    i’ve really liked a couple products this month and am excited to share them with you!

    this.pallete.is.everything. the colors are so cute and it smells just like peaches!



    i love this gloss so much! it’s clear and adds the perfect sheen to any makeup look.

    this mascara is really good and i’d 10/10 recommend it!

    that’s about it for this post. i’ll make a post soon about my journey with pescitarianism!


    q & a- 25 questions

    hi! it’s me, brooke. today i have a super exciting post for you. i’m going to be answering 25 questions. i’ve already done a q & a but it wasn’t that great.

    here’s the other q & a- CRINGEEEE

    let’s go!

    1. sunset or sunrise?


    2. have you ever cheated on a test?


    3. how long can you hold your breath underwater?

    i don’t know, like 30 seconds?

    4. who are your favorite youtubers?

    emma chamberlain, marla catherine, hannah meloche, ellie thumann, emma, avery ovard, liza koshy, david dobrik and so many more.

    5. how do you make your featured images and blog designs?

    it’s a secret. maybe i’ll make a post about it someday, but for now my lips are sealed.

    6. what grade are you in?

    9th, but i end school in about a week, so not for long.

    7. what’s your favorite dessert?

    hmm… that’s a hard decision. maybe chocolate chip cookies.

    8. who inspires you?

    zendaya, selena gomez, demi lovato, and so many others.

    9. what’s your favorite flower?


    10. where do i want to move when i’m older?

    i honestly don’t know. i love california and would hate to move away from all these opportunities. but if i had to choose, hawaii or oregon.

    11. what time do i wake up at?

    on school days, 6:30, but on weekends like 7:00.

    12. what’s your favorite season?

    ughhhh this is such a hard question. i would say summer but here in california they’re blazing hot. but we don’t have school so…

    13. what’s your zodiac sign?

    i’m a virgo.

    14. favorite poem?

    things that fall

    the sun
    and I,
    for you

    15. shoe size?

    size 8 in womens (i know i have a big foot).

    16. last book you read?

    ” i’ll give you the sun” by jandy nelson. it’s soooooo good and i 10/10 recommend it.

    17. favorite food?

    mexican food!

    18. favorite place?


    19. first thing i notice about a person?

    their personality!!

    20. eye color?

    light brown

    21. favorite song?

    ughhhh i don’t have one! for all my current music favorites, follow me on spotify @itsbrookejade.

    22. what’s your favorite restaurant?


    23. what’s your go-to starbucks order?

    the pink drink.

    24. ideal guy?

    this one is tricky. funny, smart and someone who knows how to take a joke. it’d be an added bonus if they could deal with my really cringey puns.

    25. favorite fruit?


    i hope you guys enjoyed this post! 🙂



    hi! it’s been a while. well, i’m going to skip the whole “sorry for being gone” thing and instead get straight into the post.


    • i’m holding a huge giveaway when i hit 800 and we are currently only like 20 something people away
    • i go on spring break in a week, so expect way more posts
    • i have a blog insta! find me @itsbrookejade

    now it’s time for the photo dump!

    and that’s a wrap!