welcome back

hi, i’m brooke. the brains behind this blog. you’re probably wondering what this post is about and why i haven’t posted in a million years. welllllll, i don’t have an answer to be honest. it’s not like i’ve been super busy or brewing up a bunch of different ideas. i just forgot about this blog i guess? oops.

but i have a few announcements.

let’s get started.

  • i’m going to post once a week
  • i changed the blog design (so get out of the reader and go check it out)
  • i’m starting tenth grade in 4 days
  • my birthday is in a month (lol irrelevant, i know)
  • this isn’t an announcement but i hit 865 followers! 🙂

soooo yeah! those are my announcements. i have so many post ideas for this blog and i’m excited to start my sophomore year of high school off with this blog! continuing on with tradition, i’ll post about my first day of school and let you guys know what to expect. click HERE to check out my first day as a 9th grader!

i hope you guys have a great day! expect a post from me on thursday. i am so happy to be blogging again.




how to get clear(er) skin

hi! what’s up? today i’m going to be sharing some tips on how i manage to keep my skin clear (for the most part). before we get into this post, please remember that i’m not a dermatologist or anything like that.without further ado, let’s get into the post!believe it or not, packing on less makeup does a wonder for your skin. like all living things, your skin needs some time to breathe and by layering powders over it, your skin will get irritated. this summer i’ve managed to not wear anything heavy over my skin because, 1. i’m too lazy to even try, and 2. my skin feels so much better. since the beginning of the summer, i’ve noticed a huge difference in my skin.okay, i’ll admit it. i’m not the cleanest eater all the time. i like the occasional candy bar or bag of chips, but for the majority of time i try my best to not eat a ton of junk food. when you fill your body with artificial colors, sugars, and oils, it’s bound to react negatively. so if you’re looking for a quick way to help your skin out, cut back on the bad food.i know that you can’t exactly control how much stress you’re out under, but you can minimize it. find a way to eliminate the problem or to cope with it. when you stress, your body freaks out and causes your acne to go haywire. now that it’s summer, you finally have some time away from tests and stressful exams (unless you’re in summer school).this is one that i struggle with SO much. it’s just a really bad habit. when i’m bored, i touch my face. when i stress, i touch my face. it may seem hard to break out of this habit but i promise that when you do, it’ll be worth it. your hands carry millions of germs and bacteria and smearing it all over your face is a recipe for disaster.i hope you guys enjoyed this post and that it helped you out! like i said, i’m not an expert but from experience, these have helped.have a great day!

Growing Up

Growing up. It’s defined as;

Screenshot 2018-06-29 at 5.53.25 PM

When we were little kids we admired our older siblings. They were allowed to go out, were allowed more freedoms and they had more of a say in what went on in their life. And you, poor little you, had to abide by your parent’s rules and agree with them. We dreamed of the day we would be able to walk into the doors our middle or high school, excited for the liberties that came with being a teenager. We all thought that 8th-12th grade would be a piece of cake, just like in High School Musical. Sure, we may have been scared, but all those fears were hidden behind a facade of brand new shoes and a fresh haircut.

But after we finished the first month (I died after the first week), we realized just how much of a hell being a teenager was. We didn’t get straight A’s (I actually failed a couple of tests) or even get to have a crazy life. No, we were just tossed more chores and given tons of responsibility. However, we have to realize that disappointment is a huge part of growing up. We won’t always get everything we want and we have to learn to accept that and move on.

This year has been an absolute roller coaster. I went from being a dependent 8th grader to a slightly less needy 9th grader. In the matter of a couple of months, I have changed so much. I have learned that procrastinating is ABSOLUTELY HORRIBLE and fudges up your whole life (but I’ll probably still do it next year). So please, as a former wanna-be “grown up”, use your time wisely and make smart decisions. I know that most of the people who read my blog (I love all of you very much) are in middle school or high school already, but I still wanted to get my message across, regardless of your age. But despite me making growing up seem scary and just a big hassle, you don’t have to be worried. The pros outweigh the cons by a landslide. Sure, there is acne, crushes (those absolutely suck), and mountains of homework but it’s all worth it in the end. Growing up is a part of life (literally) and may seem tough, but we’ll make it through.

If you made it to the end of this, thank you so much. I know this was WAY different than my usual content, but I was just in the mood for this. I’m sorry if it gets a little off-topic, I don’t regularly write like this.

*click here to read my first day of high school post :)- CLICK MEEEE



5 things NOT to do this summer

i couldn’t think of an cool intro so here ya go.

what’s up? it’s brooke :). today i have a really cool post in store. if you couldn’t tell by now, it’s time for an overload of summer posts. today i am going to be sharing 5 things to not do this summer. i’ve never seen a post like this, so give me a big round of applause for being unique and posting twice this week. anywaysssss, i’ll stop rambling and move on to the post.

*before any of you get offended or whatever, please know that this is for comedic purposes only because, 1. my writing sucks and 2. no one ever takes me seriously


don’t be this person/fish/bikini bottomer who turns red at the thought of doing something different (i had this gif here for a different rule but was too lazy to find another one)

okay before we even start let me just feel you that i have a TON of experience when it comes to missing out on big opportunities. i was given the chance to talk to a celebrity (megan fox) but i chickened out. i was sitting at a restaurant when i saw megan fox walk in and sit at the table across from mine. i immediately recognized her and freaked out. but i was too shy to say hi. the point is, when given the chance to do something unique or fun this summer, do it. whether it’s skydiving, taking a summer camp or even cutting your hair, go for it!


tenor (1).gif
i have a feeling this whole post is going to have spongebob gifs

i sort of already touched upon this in my summer goals post, but this is an extension of that. i hateeeee seeing posts where people put things like, ” shed 50 pounds this summer!” or “learn german fluently in a month!”. while having goals for the summer is good, you also have to remember to have fun and not stress yourself out.


tenor (2).gif
meeeee. i have a crush on 3 people; me, myself, and i.

well, i have no relationship experience at all but based on examples in my life plus dozens of chick flicks and YA novels, i’ve seen that summer flings never do anyone good. sure, you may have fun for a while but in the end there are broken hearts all across the board. but i’m not saying that you should isolate yourself from guys (or girls) completely. for example, right now i have a crush on this guy but i know nothing will ever happen because school ends in a few days. have fun but to an extent.


this was me the whole school year… oops

yeah i may be a bit of a hypocrite on this one…

don’t get me wrong, laying in bed for hours and watching netflix might seem like the perfect plan for summer but trust me, you’ll regret it. this summer i’m going to be super busy. i’m going to yosemite in june, show choir camp in july, taking summer classes, and running this blog. as you can tell, i’ve got my hands full. but in those little slivers of time i’m going to be so bored. so take up some hobbies this summer! learn how to knit (okay maybe not unless you want to be a grandma), make origami, or even start a business. there are so many things to do!


giphy (3).gif
this is actually me.

for this point, i’m speaking from a ton of personal experience. i have a super bad habit of letting things slip. and once i realize what i’ve said, i instantly have a wave of regret washing over me. i think about what i could have said or what i shouldn’t have said. it sucks. but i’m making it a point this summer to just let go. sure, i may have said that one stupid thing but it was a mistake. like my favorite quote says, “just keep swimming”. because that’s all you can do. you can’t reverse time (unless you can like doctor strange).

i realyyyyyy hope you guys liked this post! i’m finally starting to get back into my regular posting now that jail school is basically over.


summer goals // tiny q & a

before moving on with this post, open up a new tab and play the song “driving to hawaii ” by summer salt. it sets the mood for this post.


goals. we all have them. they can be finishing a netflix series (13 reasons why), eating healthier, or just cleaning up your life in general. but for the most part no one can keep them. last summer i had 5 goals.

  1. hit 500 followers by the end of the summer ✔️
  2. write a lot more ✔️
  3. get a life (sadly, that didn’t happen)
  4. get a laptop and camera ✔️
  5. be raw vegan for at least a week ✔️

as you can see, i achieved 4/5 of these goals. getting a life and friends wasn’t as easy as i thought. but i did hit 500 followers. and i went raw vegan for a week. and i did write a ton. i proved to myself that i could achieve these goals that seemed impossible on the first day of summer.

so today i’m going to reset the clock and set more goals for me to achieve.

  1. go paleo
  2. save up money for a dslr camera
  3. change up my style
  4. convince my mom to let me get my second ear piercing
  5. restart my youtube channel

now that i’ve set my goals, why don’t you set yours? if you couldn’t tell after all this time, i’m an extremely lazy person so if i can do it, you can too. just think of the benefits you’d reap if you kept up with these goals and achieved them ( wow i’m feeling inspirational today).

now on to the next part of the post. ⬇️

i’m going to answer a few questions from my last q & a that i couldn’t fit in. these questions also go along with the summer theme of this post.

  • what do you do during the summer?

well i live in california so there’s a lot to do. when i’m not binge watching youtube in my room, i like to go outside and take pictures. besides that i go camping with my family. going to the beach is also really fun but it’s always super busy.

  • what’s your favorite summer snack?

fruit popsicles.

  • do you have any summer essentials?

yes, water!

  • what theme parks do you go to during the summer? (this is a weird question 😂)

six flags ( i loveeeeee roller coasters), disneyland (it’s super expensive) and knott’s berry farm.

well that just about wraps up this post!

“sea” you later! (omg i’m so embarrassing)

q & a- 25 questions

hi! it’s me, brooke. today i have a super exciting post for you. i’m going to be answering 25 questions. i’ve already done a q & a but it wasn’t that great.

here’s the other q & a- CRINGEEEE

let’s go!

1. sunset or sunrise?


2. have you ever cheated on a test?


3. how long can you hold your breath underwater?

i don’t know, like 30 seconds?

4. who are your favorite youtubers?

emma chamberlain, marla catherine, hannah meloche, ellie thumann, emma, avery ovard, liza koshy, david dobrik and so many more.

5. how do you make your featured images and blog designs?

it’s a secret. maybe i’ll make a post about it someday, but for now my lips are sealed.

6. what grade are you in?

9th, but i end school in about a week, so not for long.

7. what’s your favorite dessert?

hmm… that’s a hard decision. maybe chocolate chip cookies.

8. who inspires you?

zendaya, selena gomez, demi lovato, and so many others.

9. what’s your favorite flower?


10. where do i want to move when i’m older?

i honestly don’t know. i love california and would hate to move away from all these opportunities. but if i had to choose, hawaii or oregon.

11. what time do i wake up at?

on school days, 6:30, but on weekends like 7:00.

12. what’s your favorite season?

ughhhh this is such a hard question. i would say summer but here in california they’re blazing hot. but we don’t have school so…

13. what’s your zodiac sign?

i’m a virgo.

14. favorite poem?

things that fall

the sun
and I,
for you

15. shoe size?

size 8 in womens (i know i have a big foot).

16. last book you read?

” i’ll give you the sun” by jandy nelson. it’s soooooo good and i 10/10 recommend it.

17. favorite food?

mexican food!

18. favorite place?


19. first thing i notice about a person?

their personality!!

20. eye color?

light brown

21. favorite song?

ughhhh i don’t have one! for all my current music favorites, follow me on spotify @itsbrookejade.

22. what’s your favorite restaurant?


23. what’s your go-to starbucks order?

the pink drink.

24. ideal guy?

this one is tricky. funny, smart and someone who knows how to take a joke. it’d be an added bonus if they could deal with my really cringey puns.

25. favorite fruit?


i hope you guys enjoyed this post! 🙂


i’m back, for good.


hi! it’s brooke. 🙂 before you continue on with the post, click open a new tab and play the song “lovely” by khalid and billie eilish. it’ll set the mood for today’s super short post.

here’s a link to it-  BEST SONG EVERRRR

it’s been a hot minute since i’ve written on here.

and i’m here to tell you that i’m sorry. i just was drained of ideas and so stressed out. but i did manage to put together a quick little photo dump. check it out right HERE.

get ready for more regular posting!

*ALSO LOOK AT MY WEBSITE DESIGN. i’d been working on it for about a month now and i’m really happy with it.

(cue my brand new signoff)