summer goals // tiny q & a

before moving on with this post, open up a new tab and play the song “driving to hawaii ” by summer salt. it sets the mood for this post.


goals. we all have them. they can be finishing a netflix series (13 reasons why), eating healthier, or just cleaning up your life in general. but for the most part no one can keep them. last summer i had 5 goals.

  1. hit 500 followers by the end of the summer βœ”οΈ
  2. write a lot more βœ”οΈ
  3. get a life (sadly, that didn’t happen)
  4. get a laptop and camera βœ”οΈ
  5. be raw vegan for at least a week βœ”οΈ

as you can see, i achieved 4/5 of these goals. getting a life and friends wasn’t as easy as i thought. but i did hit 500 followers. and i went raw vegan for a week. and i did write a ton. i proved to myself that i could achieve these goals that seemed impossible on the first day of summer.

so today i’m going to reset the clock and set more goals for me to achieve.

  1. go paleo
  2. save up money for a dslr camera
  3. change up my style
  4. convince my mom to let me get my second ear piercing
  5. restart my youtube channel

now that i’ve set my goals, why don’t you set yours? if you couldn’t tell after all this time, i’m an extremely lazy person so if i can do it, you can too. just think of the benefits you’d reap if you kept up with these goals and achieved them ( wow i’m feeling inspirational today).

now on to the next part of the post. ⬇️

i’m going to answer a few questions from my last q & a that i couldn’t fit in. these questions also go along with the summer theme of this post.

  • what do you do during the summer?

well i live in california so there’s a lot to do. when i’m not binge watching youtube in my room, i like to go outside and take pictures. besides that i go camping with my family. going to the beach is also really fun but it’s always super busy.

  • what’s your favorite summer snack?

fruit popsicles.

  • do you have any summer essentials?

yes, water!

  • what theme parks do you go to during the summer? (this is a weird question πŸ˜‚)

six flags ( i loveeeeee roller coasters), disneyland (it’s super expensive) and knott’s berry farm.

well that just about wraps up this post!

“sea” you later! (omg i’m so embarrassing)


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